Pain and Suffering As A Christian

David Matranga

Jesus' Invitation

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about the two invitations Jesus gives us: salvation and rest.

New Wineskins

Pastor Mike Van Meter encourages us to be willing to accept the new wine that God is offering.

Self Love Leads to Self Distruction

David Matranga

Brother Charles Simpson talks about how God has given us a guide, the Holy Spirit, and we need to be sensitive to His leading.

Elisha's Secret to Success

David Matranga

Jesus In Camouflage

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how Jesus comes to us in hidden ways to test our hearts.

Dealing with Doubt

David Matranga

Let Judah Go Up First

Pastor Marc DuPont talks about worshiping God.

The Nazarite Sin

Zac Hayes

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Latest Sermon

God's Mandate for Education

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about the authority that God has given the church when it comes to education.
Playing or Tailgating
Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about how we Christians are like athletes in a greater Super Bowl game.
20/20 Vision
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how the early church met in both large groups and small groups.
The Woman at the Well
Pastor Mike VanMeter talks about how to approach people about Jesus (using the example of Jesus talking to the woman at the well).
Running Your Race
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how important it is to pass the baton to the next generation.

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