Triumph Over Fear

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about overcoming fear by coming into a greater experience of God’s love.

Being A Witness for Christ

David Matranga

Treasuring the Word of God

Pastor Marc Dupont gives us several essential truths about God’s Word from Psalm 119.

David Matranga

The Purpose of Fathers

Pastor Mike Van Meter talks about 3 essentials of godly fatherhood.

Investing Your Time Wisley

Jeremy Chan

Heather Hoffman busts three myths that mothers often believe about themselves.

Let Your Light Shine

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about our call to holiness.

What You See is what You Get

Matt Foreman

How to Bloom Wherever You are Planted

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how we can accept our present circumstances and ask God to bless and use us right where we are.

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Latest Sermon

God's Mandate for Education

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about the authority that God has given the church when it comes to education.
Three Secrets to Success
Pastor Neil Hoffman gleans three ways to be successful from one of the most unknown judges in the Old Testament.
The Art of Giving
Pastor Marc Dupont encourages us to be gift givers like God who gave us the gift of His Son, Jesus.
Sober Estimation
Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about two areas that we need to have a sober estimate in.
Jesus' Invitation
Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about the two invitations Jesus gives us: salvation and rest.
New Wineskins
Pastor Mike Van Meter encourages us to be willing to accept the new wine that God is offering.

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