The Emmaus Project

The Emmaus Project is a 9-month Christian worldview and discipleship training program designed to equip Young Adults for a lifetime of serving Christ. Our vision is for graduates to Identify, Develop, and Experience.

  • Identify: Learn more about own’s specific God-given abilities, spiritual & natural giftings. 
  • Develop: Deepen one’s knowledge & understanding of God’s Word. Receive a biblically based worldview to help one see, understand, grow, and advance in all areas of life.
  • Experience: Receive weekly training & be provided hands-on, practical experience in serving and ministering within the church.

What to Expect

Every week you will be taught by Pastor Mike Van Meter and Pastor David Matranga. They will inspire & train you to grow inward, so you know how to serve well outward.

The Emmaus Project is challenging and in-depth. You should expect about 6-8 hours per week devoted to this program. Here is the basic schedule & requirements:

  • Class Attendance at FCC – Fridays, 1 – 4PM 
  • Serve in a ministry
  • Teacher Assignments & Readings
  • Mexico Retreat in October
  • End of the Year Trip in April or May
  • Optional Kenya Mission Trip to Kenya around May
  • Regular Mentorship



How Much does it cost?

Total Tuition is $500. This is an all-inclusive cost covering all materials, books, Mexico Retreat, & Kayak trip. We offer 3 payment plans for program Tuition & give you until the program’s end in May 2023 to finish. Payment Plans are detailed within the application. 

Will I have access to mentors?

YES! Meeting one-on-one with mentors is a major part of the program. As an Emmaus Project student, we will help you get set up with the right mentor.

What is the time commitment?

The Emmaus Project is an in-depth program that includes serving in ministry, attending classes, mentoring, and reading. In total, it requires an estimated 6-8 hours per week.

Do the trips cost extra?

The Mexico Trip and the Kayak Trip are both covered by tuition. The Kenya mission trip is not covered by tuition but fundraising opportunities will be provided.



Applications are due August 31, 2023




AFTer I Apply

Once we receive your full application, David or Mike will reach out to you, discussing your acceptance or not. If accepted, you will be asked to provide a $50 non-refundable deposit, which counts towards your tuition.