Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry is committed to equipping the men to grow in their walk with the Lord, in their marriages and family, in relationship with other men and in serving the Body of Christ.

We have ongoing groups listed below, and our events are located on the events calendar.



Conference Sessions

Session 1 – Jim Gilbert

Session 2 – Luis Rivera

Breakout 1

Marc Dupont

Being Husbands & Fathers of Honor

God always sees not only the current issues of our lives, but even beyond that- He is constantly working with us, in such a way, that we might enter the destiny and calling He created us for. In this session, we will examine how we might be like Jesus and the Father and encourage and strengthen our brides and children so that they might fully enter in to their potentials in God

David Joseph

Can a Good Muslim Be a Good American?

Do you fi nd yourself sometimes asking that very question? Come hear Pastor Joseph discuss if and how it is possible. Pastor Joseph oversees an international ministry outreach to the Muslim community, locally and abroad. He is an expert on Spiritual Warfare, ISIS and Islam. David Joseph also pastors “Last Harvest Church” in El Cajon.

David Chong

Clinging to Our Bible & Our Guns

A must for gun owners – You may get your next driver’s license in the mail and fi nd you have just signed off your rights to own, buy or sell a gun. Learn how to avoid committing a felony without even knowing. Plus lots of fun facts about gun ownership, safety and the laws pertaining to gun use. (see free time activity – Gun Shooting Range sign-ups)

Hank Dmochowski

What Every Man Needs to Know About Worship

God says in 1 Samuel 2:30 that if we honor Him he will honor us. One of the ways we can extend honor to God is through worship. In this session you will get an overview of what worship is, why we should worship, the many ways we can worship, and how you as a man can function in your role as a “worship leader”.

Chris George

Being Christian Men of Honor in the Workplace

Striving for Humility! Your business, your platform and your ministry EOS – Entrepreneurial Operating System: what is it, how do I scale and not lose control? Does our drive for growth in business compromise our reputation in life?

Breakout 2

Linda Hoffman

Navigating the Minefield: An Attempt to Understand Women

The inner workings and thought process of women aren’t as random and complex as you might think. This class reveals eye opening truths and simple acts that can radically improve your relationships with the women you love. It identifi es 7 Key fi ndings about women that explain some of the mystery, and help create stronger love and understanding.

George Runyun

Will A Real Man Please Stand Up!

The key to fulfi lled manhood is located in a mystery. God’s word calls it the “mystery of godliness”. In our workshop we will discover the key to this mystery. It is supernatural and fi lled with adventure. In fact, it is the greatest adventure a man can experience and is the way to real fulfi llment.

Drew Miles

Black Coffee & Bacon – Where Have All the Men Gone?

Leave all the fl uff and hippie diets at the door. In this workshop Drew will dig into the meat and potatoes of being a man. Drew will give you three simple steps that will make you a better husband, father, and man of God.

Jim Deyling

How To Have A Man-Friendly Marriage

Marriage can be a pretty raw for men these days. But God’s design is that marriage should be enjoyable for men. You can up your chances of marrying well or turning around your unhappy marriage. Get the biblical steps to being a happily married man in an anti-man society.

Session 3 – Mike Slater

Breakout 3

Kevin Miller

Shift (Love & Power)

God has called us to a SHIFT in our entire thinking about Evangelism. He has equipped and commissioned us for the continuing adventure that Jesus began. I have never been more excited about what God has in store for us. See you there!

Gary Kirk

Marriage: Somebody Has to Die!

Learn the secret Jesus taught about relationships that you won’t fi nd in a marriage manual or at a weekend retreat.

Michell Cook

How to Overcome Your Past Like a Man

The Bible says, “…forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead.” (Phil. 3) Have you ever thought, “Great, how do I do that?” Come and learn hacks and tips on how to defuse your past from holding you back from what God has for you. Pastor Mike Cook will show you how he overcame his past and lead you as a group, through a pattern to overcome yours, which you can use when needed.

Dr Brian Lenzkes & Chuck Hicks

The Keto Lifestyle: Nutrition, Health, and Healing

Men, come learn how to improve you health, energy, and infl uence in the church by changing your diet and lifestyle. Chuck Hicks will discuss his personal breakthrough and Dr. Brian Lenzkes will discuss the medical aspects of Low Carbohydrate/Keto diets and how they can be combined to make you a powerful messenger for Christ and the best husband/father that you can be. We will try to clear up some of the confusion and help to get you on a path to better health.

Session 4 – Jim Gilbert


Men’s Mentoring

In Men’s mentoring we want to come along side you. Regardless of your past we want to love you, encourage you, respect you, and set aside time each week to spend with you, going through the ups and downs of life. We want to create a culture of men being patient, loving, and kind just as Jesus is. Sign up Here

  • Dave Marlatt (858) 603-2675
  • Chris Hochule (619) 861-4300

discipleship Training

Deepen your knowledge of God’s Word and your calling within the Body of Christ.  This ministry offers classroom training and one-on-one discipleship training.


a fireside chat

We are a group of men that meet and chat around an open fire. Discussions are based around Oswald Chambers daily devotional “My Utmost for His Highest.” Each week guys share how the Truth of God’s Word, through these devotions, has touched their lives. Space is limited for this group.


Band of Brothers

We believe every Christian man has a desire to be in a group of men that share their values, goals and vision for what a man who has given his heart to Christ can and should be.

The Band of Brothers is for all the men of Foothills to come together and discuss what it means to be a Man of God. Coffee and donuts provided. Start with worship, followed by a short message, then fellowship with guys at your table. The 1st Saturday we have a full breakfast served, and the 3rd we enjoy some coffee and donuts.

  • Gary Kirk | [email protected] | 619-933-6620
  • 1st & 3rd Saturdays |7:00 – 8:30 AM | Room A1

Christians In accountability (cia)

Men of the C.I.A. challenge each other to do more for Christ in deed, thought and spirit. If a man falls we rally around him in prayer to help him get back in the fight. We are “Gibbors” – the Hebrew word for ”men of might” or “hero”. Download our Welcome CIA & Code of CIA documents.