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Living Victoriously In A Crooked World

The message for today… I want to tell you that this message has immediate relevance to every person, I guarantee it, in this room. Every single person. This is going to scratch where you have an itch. This is going to meet something that you struggle with. So, listen up. I promise you, this is equally relevant to every person in here. I want to start out with something Jesus said to His twelve disciples. It’s one of those passages…

The Importance of Church Attendance

Open your Bibles or find in your electronic device Hebrews, Chapter 10. First of all, I’d like to take a journey back in time. It is 1300 BC and God has miraculously brought the Israelites out of Egypt, delivered them from slavery, gotten rid of Pharaoh’s army that had come to destroy them in the Red Sea, and now the Lord has guided them to the foot of Mt. Sinai in the wilderness. The Sinai Wilderness is what we call…

I'm New Here

We welcome you to visit this Sunday…

“Foothills has taken my family in and have made us feel like family so quickly. I mean, they love my wife and my children and they tolerate me really well. If they can do that, anybody’s welcome.”

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