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Healing Prayer

Our Healing Prayer Ministry is open to anyone who is hurting – body or soul. God still heals people today through the power of His Holy Spirit, so we are available to pray for people who need a touch from God whether the issue is physical, emotional, or spiritual. We have trained and trusted prayer teams (made up of 2 or 3 individuals) who will minister to you or your friend or loved one. Additionally, if you have had a dream that you would like interpreted, there is a team of dream interpreters available as well.

Look for the Adult Ministries sign facing Bradley Avenue and you’ll find us right through that door in Room A2. You can just walk in or you can call the church office to make an appointment.



We all need help sometimes. It may seem like there is no hope for the future or for a relationship with a loved one, but one thing that never changes is that there is always hope in Jesus. Our counselors are mature Christians trained to help you find your way through the storm.

At Foothills Church, we provide several groups to help in times of hardship, however, we recognize that sometimes life’s circumstances require additional attention and care. During those times, we encourage people to seek additional help from a counselor.

We offer Christ-centered counsel for individuals, married couples, and families with one of our biblical counselors. Call us at (619) 442-7728 and ask for the counseling office, or send us an email at

Our Marriage Prep Class is a six-week class that will walk you through steps on building the next generation of successful marriages. Learn how to have a passionate and deeply rewarding marriage. Marriage Prep goes straight to the heart of the crucial issues that face marriages today.

Parenting the Younger Child is a four week class, led by counseling pastor Danny Eslinger and his wife Nitsa, will walk you through the fundamentals of Christian parenting and cover common challenges parents face in raising younger children. You will gain a biblical perspective on raising your children, hear practical wisdom for handling discipline issues and learn how you and your spouse can get on the same page in your parenting.

Forgiven & Set Free - Post Abortion Workshop is a 10 week Bible study focuses on post abortion. Our goal is to help women heal and come to terms with the pain, guilt, and grief of abortion. We will use the wisdom of Scripture to deal with issues such as relief and denial, anger, forgiveness, depression and letting go. Sponsored by the East County Pregnancy Care Clinic. Call for the next class details. Leslie Starba: (619) 322-8072 or Debbie Landstedt (619) 977-2425

This Bi-yearly, weekend retreat for both men and women is to help heal the abortion-wounded heart. Contact Gaynelle Merriwether at (516) 984-9498 for upcoming dates, or Bobbie Baldwin at (619) 244-9117 Men, please contact John Baldwin at (619) 768-3980.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12 step program for anyone struggling with addiction. Come and receive support, help, and love as we work through the book of John, with additional readings from Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, and some of the prophets quoted in John. 

Contact Brian Storm at (760) 239-1450 for more information or Click Here

Mondays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Room A1

Freedom Ministry

If you are a follower of Jesus but you feel stuck in old patterns or find yourself wondering why you don’t feel peace in your heart, this ministry is for you. There is healing to be found.

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Hope and Healing


Is someone in your family struggling with their sexual identity? Are you looking for help knowing what to do as a Christian parent, sibling, or friend? Hope and Healing is a support group for friends, parents, and families who are committed to extending love, grace, and truth to those who are impacted by homosexuality, same-sex attraction, gender confusion, and transgender lifestyles.



Elena Penny (619) 316-2643


Abiding Rest


From time to time, Foothills offers a class called "Abiding Rest" which helps Christians who are caught in the struggle of not doing what they want to do and doing what they don't want to do (Romans 7:15). Keep an eye on the events calendar or email Michell Cook at for more information.