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Home fellowships are home based co-ed small groups, led by trained and trusted lay pastors. They follow a general pattern of worship, bible study/discussion and prayer. While looking to the Bible for solutions to everyday problems, you’ll make those lasting Christian friendships and receive the pastoral leadership everyone needs. Home groups meet continually throughout the year with occasion breaks for holidays.  

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Can I visit several home groups before committing to one?

Absolutely. It can take some time to find the right home group where you feel that God has called you. It is perfectly alright to test out a couple of groups before you settle on one.

How can I get more info on individual groups?

When you click on a home group online, there will be contact information for that group's pastor who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would prefer to get an overview of several groups, feel free to call Pastor Jim Deyling at (619) 997-9606. 

Should I call ahead before attending a new group?

It is perfectly ok to simply show up at a new home group, but it generally is a good idea to call just to make sure the group is meeting at the regular place and time, since some groups have special events from time to time. 

I'm outside of the age range - can I still attend?

Absolutely. The age ranges exist primarily as a guide. If you find a group that you love and you fall outside of the age range, it's no problem. Women's groups will only allow women, however, and men's groups will only allow men.

Why do I need a home group?

Home groups make a big church feel small. At a church as large as Foothills, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Home groups allow every individual in the church access to a pastor and a community that can be involved in your life, serving with you, and praying for you. Home groups also offer an excellent setting for discovering and using your gifts.