The Second Knead

David Matranga

Oil That Never Stops

Pastor Neil Hoffman challenges us to ask ourselves three questions about our faith and obedience.

Three Timeless Truths

Pastor Dave Hoffman reminds us of three truths the Apostle James talks about in James chapter 1.

Easter 2021

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The service starts with a video of many people telling the Easter story and how the resurrection has changed their lives. Then Pastor Dave gives a short message on how God has reconciled us to Himself by sending His Son, Jesus, to take away our sins.

Living Your Purpose

Kevin Miller

How To Renew Your Mind

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about what it means to have a renewed mind.

Jesus’ Advice for the Times We Live

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about how to live successfully in an unfriendly culture.

The Blessed Life

Pastor Mike Van Meter talks about the deeper meaning of the word ‘blessed’.

Taking Thoughts Captive

David Matranga

The Joy of the Lord

Pastor Mark Hoffman gives us 6 places that we can find joy.

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Latest Sermon

God's Mandate for Education

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about the authority that God has given the church when it comes to education.
Jesus In Camouflage
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how Jesus comes to us in hidden ways to test our hearts.
Eddie Would Go
Pastor Mike Van Meter shares the inspiring story of lifeguard, Eddie Aikau, and his self-sacrifice for the benefit of others.
The Day God Left
Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about how we may sometimes treat God like a good luck charm.
Jabez's Prayer
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about what we can learn from the prayer of Jabez.

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