The Faithfulness of God

Pastors Dave and Mark Hoffman talk about how God has been faithful.

Lies We Believe | Part 2

David Matranga

Revival, Our Destiny

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about how the power to bring revival is in our hands.

Lies We Believe | Part 1

Kevin Miller

Starting & Finishing

Pastor Mark Hoffman teaches us how we can finish well.

Next is Now | Part 3

David Matranga & Panel

Love Your Enemies

Pastor Mike Van Meter defines biblically how we are called to love our enemies.

Crisis of Faith

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how to not let our flawed reasoning cast doubts on what we believe.

Pastor Dave Hoffman gives us three perspectives to live by when we look at a future that’s scaring us.

Laborers of the Harvest

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about what motivated Jesus to serve people.

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Latest Sermon

The Truth about Freedom

Pastor Neil Hoffman gives us three counterfeit definitions of freedom to reveal the truth about freedom.
Triumph Over Fear
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about overcoming fear by coming into a greater experience of God’s love.
Oil That Never Stops
Pastor Neil Hoffman challenges us to ask ourselves three questions about our faith and obedience.
Three Timeless Truths
Pastor Dave Hoffman reminds us of three truths the Apostle James talks about in James chapter 1.
Easter 2021
Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The service starts with a video of many people telling the Easter story and how the resurrection has changed their lives. Then Pastor Dave gives a short message on how God has reconciled us to Himself by sending His Son, Jesus, to take away our sins.
The Blessed Life
Pastor Mike Van Meter talks about the deeper meaning of the word ‘blessed’.

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