Kingdom Hospitality

David Matranga

The Uninvited

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about affecting our environment, not reflecting our environment.

Transiton Weekend

Pastors Dave and Mark Hoffman talk about where Foothills Church is headed in the future.

My Biggest Struggle | Part 3

Daniel Waugh

My Biggest Struggle | Part 2

Lauren Miles

Prayer Changes Everything

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about how God works through people to accomplish His will.

My Biggest Struggle | Part 1

Neil Hoffman

Pastor Mark Hoffman gives us insight into understanding what’s going on in the world and our situation in it.

David Matranga

2021 Can Be A Great Year!

Pastor Dave Hoffman gives us five reasons we can have a great year.

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Latest Sermon

God's Mandate for Education

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about the authority that God has given the church when it comes to education.
How People Change
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about the forces in our lives that keep us from changing.
Crossing In A Storm
Pastor Mark Hoffman reminds us that God wants us to be focused on His purposes and promises, not afraid of the storm that we find ourselves in.
Pastor Mike Van Meter talks about how our view of the world is affected by what is influencing us.
Defining the Relationship
Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about how we need to have a “defining the relationship” talk with God.
Foundation for Revival
Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about what type of Christianity is needed to lay a foundation for revival.
Pentecost 2020
Pastor Marc Dupont talks about the significance of Pentecost.

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