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by Courtney Matranga on March 26, 2020

If and when you use TV, here are some tips to make the most of it:
· With your spouse, discuss and agree on a healthy amount of screen time and plan accordingly
· Schedule screen time so you and your kids look forward to it.
· Adapt screen time limits according to your child’s age. Rule: Quality over quantity!
· When possible enjoy the show with them
· Adopt a family movie night
· Watch quality shows

AGES 5 and below
·   Curious George
·   Leap Frog
·   Winnie the Pooh
·   Owlegories
·   Minno TV subscription

AGES 5-10ish
·   Superbook available on Amazon Prime
·   Torchlighters
·   Bibleman
·   Little House on the Prairie
·  Art for Kids hub on YouTube is an excellent father/son show that teaches kids how to draw.
·  Learning shows about animals like Wild Krattz, space, our planet, the ocean.
·  Fun YouTube videos on how they make things:
·  Documentaries:
        -History timeline:  Years, Events,  Etc.
        -America’s Funniest Video’s (AFV)
        -Laughing together as a family builds a stronger bond.
        -Kids Learning Tube on YouTube

AGES 10-13
·  Learning shows about animals, space, our planet, the ocean.
·  Shark Tank
·  AFV

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