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by Heather Hoffman on March 26, 2020

There are so many creative ideas for parents about how to keep younger children entertained…but what about teens? We want to make sure to help them stay connected and thriving as well! Here are some of our favorite ideas:
· Make videos
· Make song playlists
· Science experiments with basic household items – Pinterest or Google has a variety & there are also books you can buy on Amazon.
· Drawing- using books or shows
· Basketball
· Catch – we use our roof to throw a ball and catch it or use a partner (Dollar Store has tennis balls and bouncy balls)
· Redecorate/or re-organize their room, do it with them to make it extra special
· Help younger siblings with a task like:
      - Learning a game
      - Play a game
      - Read to them
      - Help them with school work
· Exercise! Even inside! There are a lot of free YouTube exercise videos out there, pick one to do together, invite your teen to join you and hold each other accountable.
· Research what interests them (with parent approval, hah!)
    - Kids love to use electronics so why not let it benefit
    - Give a time limit and a suggested number of facts to provide you
    - Reward with an incentive
    - Learn a language online
    - Read up on a weakness they have and how to overcome/better themselves
    - Learn about blogging, a form of trade, building, fixing something, DIY projects
    - Learn an instrument or how to read music

· Video Games are fun for all ages, and especially teens. But of course, use discretion when and how often. Our family sets a day and time (Thursdays from 4-6) every week. And then the occasional bonus minutes can be earned as rewards!

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