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by Courtney Matranga on March 26, 2020

Because there is a lot of uncertainty in our world right now, coming together to support each other as a family unit and TEAM is so important. Having a family meeting, talking it out, and getting on the same page gives not only kids, but also mom and dad a sense of security, purpose, and belonging that everyone can really benefit from right now. This is a great opportunity to communicate to your children that ultimately your confidence is in the Lord and His promises. It’s a time to choose to commit to growing your relationships with the Lord, as a family, when a lot of other distractions have suddenly been removed.

Earlier this year, my husband and I published a book, the Gathered We Grow Family Journal, which helps parents cultivate conversation and discipleship around their table with their children. The journal includes conversation starters and guides that help make family meetings easy, organized, and fruitful.

For more tips on how you can have your own family meeting or to purchase one of our books, see the links below:

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Find the "We Grow Family Journal" at GatheredWeGrow.com