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by Nitsa Eslinger on March 26, 2020

With the recent mandates to shelter at home…we recognize there’s a need for some creative ways to pass the time on a rainy day…or amidst a deadly virus! Nitsa shares some tips below but all of the pastor’s wives share their daily routines on the blog In the Everyday. They are packed with helpful tips and information from their day to day lives!

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But if you’re just looking for some simple tips for now… here are some helpful notes from Nitsa:

1. Create Routine
· Keep a schedule so routine drives you NOT boredom
· Balance work and play
· Set a time in your schedule every day for PLAY. 15 minutes can go a long way in a child’s life.  Remember, the way kids spell love is T-I-M-E
· If there is extra time for TV and video games, why not make them work for their screen time?! 30 minutes of reading for 30 minutes of screen time. Win-Win! And you’re passing more time, too.
· I like to keep video games for the end of the week as a bigger incentive so that all of my kids’ hard work gets rewarded in an extra fun day!

Scheduling your days, even at home, can be really helpful! I’m not including times, because every family has to figure out time frames that work best for them. But, here is a rough schedule:

1. Major subjects for school are being completed each day for school aged children.
·  Math
·  English
·  Science
·  History

2. I would not spend longer than 45 minutes on a subject. Less time for younger students.

3. I would keep a schedule as close to the same as possible for school days to provide routine and structure. Kids thrive in knowing beginnings and ends and…when they get food!

4. I suggest you teach your kids how to play games and use their imagination so that you are not going to be the main source of entertainment for them.

5. I would use screen time sparingly so that when it IS used it is wholesome and beneficial for everyone.
· Adopt a family movie night
· With your spouse, discuss and agree on a healthy amount of screen time and plan accordingly
· Schedule screen time so you and your kids look forward to it.
· Adapt screen time limits according to your child’s age.

Monday- Friday:
· wake-up
· breakfast
· school starts
· break
· school
· lunch
· school ends
· play time
· dinner
· family/game time
· bedtime

· wake-up
· breakfast
· chores
· lunch
· play time
· dinner
· family movie night
· bedtime

· wake-up
· breakfast
· Church live stream
· lunch
· play time
· dinner
· family game night
· bedtime

2. Use Rewards and Incentives for motivation!
Use rewards and incentives to motivate kids to start something new you’ve been wanting them to try. Whether this is a discipline issue, learning goal, or new hobby…Don’t feel bad about adding a little incentive! Some ideas are:
     ·  Candy
     ·  Money
     ·  Pick your snack for today·
Pick your lunch for today
     ·  Stay up 30 minutes later than normal
     ·  Etc….Get creative!

3. Favorite Play AND Work Activities to Keep Kids Busy during free time.
There are tons of lists of activities on Pinterest for kids to do for both PLAY and WORK. But it can get overwhelming scrolling through so many options. I made a list of some of my favorites to make it easy for you – just pick and go!

View our Activities list for Preschool-Elementary age 
View our Activities list for Teens 

Remember, for more insight, ideas, and inspiration check out the blog In The Everyday