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What Are You Waiting For?

by Foothills Church on May 17, 2020

Pastor Mark taught on the subject of “Waiting on God”:  in this lesson we will dig deeper to see that waiting on God is mostly active, not passive, and may even require courage and fortitude. We will see why we must wait- so we can wait properly and receive the reward.

Read Psalm 37:9 and Psalm 37:34. In these passages who is being contrasted? What is the reward for those who wait on God?

Is there anything you’ve prayed and wished for, but have never received? Why do you suppose you’ve not received it?

As Pastor Mark said in the sermon:  ”God is patient-He always acts with purpose. He waits till people and events line up to allow his perfect result.”  Have you ever been kept waiting for an answer to prayer because it turns out the OTHER person wasn’t ready? What did it teach you? What did you gain while waiting?