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Digging Deeper | February 6, 2022

by Foothills Church on February 05, 2022

In the sermon, Pastor Mike contrasted King Uzziah with the prophet Isaiah.  He taught on approaching God with humility. In this week’s lesson we will dig deeper to discover how humility undergirds the whole Christian character. You’ll learn to avoid the catastrophe that comes with pride and presumption.  The essence of pride is self-focus. Think of ways our culture applauds those who focus on their own wishes, gripes, and urges. Come to home group prepared to share your results.

People seldom come right out and say, “I know better than God.” But many ACT like they believe they are smarter than God. Share some examples you’ve seen of people or organizations acting like they are wiser than God.

Read Isaiah 66:1-2, Proverbs16:18-19, and 1 Peter5:5-6. What is the basic message of these passages? Come to home group prepared to share a time that one of these passages were fulfilled in your life.