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Digging Deeper | December 12, 2021

by Foothills Church on December 12, 2021

In the sermon, Pastor Mark explained that the Church is not merely a good idea. The Church is God’s idea, instituted by Christ Himself.  In this week’s lesson we will dig deeper into what the Bible actually says about Christ’s church. This will help us reject inaccurate, counterfeit thinking so we can think clearly and accurately about the church and our place in it individually (and thereby reap the blessings that come from knowing the truth).

Jesus doesn’t have personal needs we can help with. Read Matthew 25:34-40. What does this passage reveal about how we actually can serve Jesus?

Do you remember a time you painfully injured a small, but not particularly important, part of your body. Maybe a smashed thumb, or a stubbed toe, etc. What were you doing when it happened and what was your response to being injured? Now, read 1Cor.12:26. What light does you painful experience shed light on this passage?