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The Woman at the Well

by Foothills Church on January 19, 2020

In the sermon, Pastor Mike van Meter taught from John 4, the woman at the well. He showed us how Jesus, in his love for people, breached conventional cultural boundaries but was unapologetic in addressing sin and other issues that keep people alienated from God. In this lesson we will address the common fear of conflict that so often prevents Christians from sharing the glorious good news with people who need it.

Read Matthew 10:31. One big temptation for Christians living in a hostile culture is to downplay or hide the aspects of their faith that draw the greatest criticism for fear of social rejection. How does this passage speak to that?

Read Romans 10:14-16. Those who bring the gospel to the unsaved are called “beautiful”! Aren’t you grateful to the one(s) who told you about Christ? Come to home group prepared to share your story of how you heard the gospel.