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The Power of Promise Keeping

by Foothills Church on March 17, 2019

Pastor Mark taught on the importance of keeping your word. He explained that God keeps His promises and expects His people to keep theirs. In this week’s lesson we will dig deeper to learn how cultivating integrity and the fear of God is the only way to become a God-approved promise keeper.

Do you know someone who is unfailingly truthful? Someone who will give the truth even if it makes them look bad? Now, think of someone else who you can’t really trust to be truthful. You can’t ever be sure if they are fudging to make themselves look better. What are your reactions to each person? Which one would you want by your side in a crisis? Which would you want as a confidant? Which would you want as a co-worker?

Read James 5:12. Here, James tells us that failure to keep an oath brings judgment. What is James’ solution, in your own words?

Read Hosea 4:2. This sounds like the suspects in an episode of “Cops”. Why do you suppose false swearing is so often linked with criminality and gross sin?