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Problems at the Border

by Foothills Church on March 31, 2019

In the sermon Pastor Neil explained that Christians can often fail to attain the promise God has for their life. One reason is because they forget God’s past goodness to them. In this lesson we’ll dig deeper into the crucial importance the Bible places on “remembering” and why “remembering” is a vital practice for any Christian who wants to grow in God and honor him with their life.

The Bible exhorts us to several different kinds of remembering. Read Psalm 77:11 and Deuteronomy 5:15. This remembering is where we deliberately bring to mind the things God has done forus. What happens in your heart/mind when you remind yourself of all the fine and wonderful acts of God in your past? Why do you suppose this so important to do especially when you are facing current troubles or challenges?

Another kind of remembering is in Deuteronomy 9:7. This is where we remember God’s correction. What is the danger in forgetting or disregarding  God’s past discipline or chastening in our lives?