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Prayer Life of Jesus - Part 3

by Foothills Church on March 10, 2019

Pastor Dave continued his Prayer series teaching on intercessory prayer and on praying for our enemies. In this lesson we’ll dig deeper into intercessory prayer, praying in the Spirit, tongues, and how it’s all supposed to work.

Read Romans 8:25-27: Jesus is in heaven but the Holy Spirit is in us. Jesus intercedes for us from His place of exaltation, but the Spirit intercedes for us from within the very being of the believer. This is the basis for intercessoryprayer.  How does the Holy Spirit help us to pray accurately when we are burdened but don’t really know how or whatto pray?

Read Ephesians 6:18, Jude 1:20-21. Here we are exhorted to “pray in the Spirit”. How do you suppose praying in the Spirit differs from regular prayer? What advantage comes from praying in the Spirit?