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Playing or Tailgating

by Foothills Church on February 02, 2020

We are in the 2nd week of a study of Pastor Mark Hoffman’s new book: SPIRITUAL NAVIGATION:

Discerning and Growing in Authentic Spiritual Gifts and Experiences. This week, read chapter 3, “The Anointing of the Holy Spirit.” Think about the questions below so you can be prepared to join the discussion at home group:


On page 24 & 25 (in bold print) Pastor Mark explains that “Jesus was not born with natural advantages…God did not think it necessary to give His Son natural advantages. None of those things were necessary to Jesus’ success, and they are not to ours either.  Jesus’ advantage was a supernatural one, one that is available to us as well.” How did Jesus gain this tremendous supernatural advantage? What happened that radically changed Jesus’ life and ministry after he turned 30? Can you point to a time in your life where the Holy Spirit empowered and/or changed you in some manner? Come to home group prepared to share your story.


Pastor Mark writes about the 3 Anointings. What are they and what do they do? After reading, examine your life up till now. Have you, personally, received each vital anointing? Perhaps you need to be renewed in them? If you find you are unsure or lacking in one or more of these indispensable empowerments from God- ask Him to renew you. In home group we will examine each anointing and make time to receive them afresh.