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Paul’s Pro-active Prayer for Children and Loved Ones

by Foothills Church on September 15, 2019

In the sermon, Pastor Dave taught on “How to Pray for Your Family and Loved Ones”. In this lesson we will learn to become more effective in prayer and we’ll dig deeper into a common, widespread but almost never-recognized sin that causes much confusion and discouragement to people who pray to God for help.

Almost everyone prays at one time or another in their life. Even irreligious people will pray to God for help or granted wishes in desperate situations. But very often, their prayers go unanswered or, at least, it appears they do. Why do you suppose that is? It would take much effort on God’s part to just haul off and grant people’s prayers whenever they ask. Why doesn’t He? (What makes you think God is obligated to answer your prayers?

Say an irreligious friend shared an incident where they prayed fervently but God didn’t do what they asked. How would you handle that situation? What would you tell them?

Read 1John 3:22 and John 15:7. What are the conditions for answered prayer?

Tags: prayer, proactive