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Palm Sunday

by Foothills Church on April 13, 2019

In the Palm Sunday sermon, Pastor Dave taught from Luke 19:29-44; Jesus entering Jerusalem the week before His crucifixion. Pastor pointed out that Jesus knew what was in store for the city because he knew the times in which He lived. But the inhabitants did not. Pastor Dave challenged us, “Do YOU understand the times in which YOU live?” In this week’s lesson we’ll consider the times and what every alert Christian is tasked with. 

Consider the times we live in, and consider the time Jesus lived. Who do you think lived in more difficult times for the gospel, Jesus or us? Do you think it was easier for the 1st century disciples to explain the gospel than it is for us? Why or why not? 

Read Luke 10:2. Jesus lived in a time where practically no one on earth was a Christian. What was His advice to the few followers He had? At home group this week, we’ll dig deeper into Jesus intriguing instructions.

Tags: palm sunday, signs, understanding the times