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Our Church: Looking Back and Looking Forward

by Foothills Church on June 21, 2020

In this weekend’s re-opening service, Pastors Mark and Dave walked us through some of the vision and mission of our church. In today’s lesson we’ll dig deeper into that vision, to understand it better so we can more fully participate. (After all, the better you understand the vision and purpose of your church- the better you can bring your God-given gifts and talents to bear.)

Come to home group prepared to discuss:

From the “sermon”, did you learn anything new or gain a clearer understanding of what Foothills is all about? If so, what was that?

Did you find anything perplexing or unclear? Did any of the presentation leave you with reservations? Bring it up with the group to see if you can get clarity.

Read Ephesians 19-22. This is a definition of God’s universal church. Do you see our little expression of His church, Foothills, reflecting this vision/purpose? If so, how?