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Mother's Day 2020

by Foothills Church on May 10, 2020

In the Mother’s Day message, Linda Hoffman showed how critical it is to have goals for your family. In this lesson we’ll see that you can have stated, defined goals or you have unstated, unconscious goals. An example of stated goals is: “I want to know God better, so I will read through the Bible in a year.” An unstated, unconscious goal might be, “I just want to be comfortable and enjoy myself, so I will avoid responsibilities.”

At home group we will dig deeper into the crucial goals God wants you to have for your children, and your grandchildren. Read Titus 2:11-14. This passage reveals that God has for HIS children. Make a list of the goals you can find in this scripture passage.

What goals do YOU have for your children/family? Jot them down and we’ll have opportunity to share them and gain insights from each other at home group this week.