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Mother's Day 2019

by Foothills Church on May 12, 2019

In the Mother’s day sermon, we learned about family legacy and the fact that we owe a debt of allegiance and gratitude to those who came before us. We also owe something to future generations. In this lesson we will dig deeper into the unique cultural/spiritual heritage we’ve inherited from our forefathers. We’ll see that “honoring our mother and father” includes appreciating and preserving the godly heritage of America.

As American Christians we have a shared, corporate identity as dual citizens of both God’s kingdom and the American nation.

See 1 Peter 2:17 and Galatians 6:10. After reading these passages, do you think we are supposed to love everyone equally in the whole world, or do we owe certain people greater care and concern? If so, who?

You’ve probably heard a politician or actor say they are a “citizen of the world”.  Do you think this reflects an inclusive, caring outlook? Is there anything really wrong with an American being a “World citizen” rather than an American citizen? Can’t you be both?

What do you think is unique and valuable, worthy of preserving, in America’s past?

Tags: generations, legacy, mother's day