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Lessons From The Lockdown

by Mark Hoffman on June 07, 2020

Pastor Mark taught (a bit) on the subject of family. In this week’s lesson we will dig deeper into the surprisingly demanding requirements that the New Covenant makes on the members of God’s family.


Read Matthew 12:46-50. Everybody likes to think that Jesus would warmly embrace them. But whom does Jesus, himself, consider to be his family members?

Read Luke 11:27-28 in this passage Jesus repudiates a common misconception, that blood ties are paramount. Instead, he insists that certain people can have a relationship even closer and more favored than Jesus own mother! What characterizes those people? How can a person become one of the favored?

Read Matthew 25:31-46. It is not possible to minister directly to Jesus. He is in heaven and has no needs that we can meet directly. So how does a person show love and gratitude toward Jesus?