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by Foothills Church on July 05, 2020

Pastor Mike van Meter taught on “empty philosophy” from Colossians 2:8. He challenged us, “who is influencing your thinking?” In this lesson we will dig deeper into one of the emptiest philosophies of our time: social justice. We will contrast biblical justice- which is shrewd, brilliant, and perfect- with today’s “social justice” which is corrosive, dystopian and always leads to conflict. We will separate out the “empty philosophical” counterfeit from the genuine so we can obey the Lord’s command to “do justice.”

Do you think it’s true that being poor is virtuous and being rich is dishonorable?  Can you support that from the Bible?

Read Leviticus 19:15 and note that, in the Bible, the “poor” does not necessarily mean “impoverished”, it means those who are weak, dependent, or low in status in society and hence vulnerable to oppression. The Lord commands His judges to avoid favoritism to toward the rich. Seems right. But then He also forbid favoring the poor!  Why do you suppose?