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How To Renew Your Mind

by Foothills Church on March 28, 2021

Pastor Mark taught about The Power of a Renewed Mind. In this lesson we will dig deeper to examine what they really mean when they say, “Just trust your heart” and we’ll see why the only wise, rational course of action in life is to, “Always trust God’s word”.

Re-read Romans 8:5-8. First, some Christians are anti-intellectual or anti-rational because they believe this passage disparages your rational mind. But read it again. Is it wise, on the basis of this passage, to try to “get out of your mind” so you can “get close to God”? What kind of thinking does this passage criticize?

Verse 7 insist that if your mind is set on the Spirit you’ll gain life and peace. What is the result of a mind set habitually on the flesh?

Also from the sermon, re-read Romans 12:2. What activities will actually “renew your mind”?