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How To Become a Blessed Person

by Foothills Church on April 06, 2019

In the sermon, Pastor Mark taught on how God restores us. At home group this week, we will dig deeper to see how God uses us to restore others.


Probably every Christian has experienced the heartbreak and bafflement of watching a friend or family member wander away from Christ or at least slip badly in their love and obedience to Jesus. But instead of watching helplessly from the sidelines, the scriptures tell us to pursue and restore them.


Read James 5:19-20.


What are the eternal consequences of “straying from the truth”; what happens when someone is not “turned back”?


What is accomplished when you “turn a sinner from the error of his ways”?


Share a time when you were foolish and erring in your walk with God. Who helped you see the truth and restored you? What did they say and do?


Read Matthew 18:15-17. This is Jesus’ prescription for dealing with brothers and sisters who are caught in serious sin. Why do you suppose the first step is “in private”?