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How God's Grace Can Transform Your Life

by Foothills Church on February 23, 2020

We are in the 5th week of a study of Pastor Mark Hoffman’s new book: SPIRITUAL NAVIGATION; Discerning and Growing in Authentic Spiritual Gifts and Experiences. This week, read chapters 7&8: The Importance of the Church and The Kingdom Breaks In. Think about the questions below so you can be prepared to join the discussion at home group:


At the bottom of page 94 Pastor Mark writes: “When it comes to spiritual gifts and manifestations, there are really only three paths to take–and only one of them is right.” What are the two mistakes Christians most often make (pages 95 & 96)?

On pages 99-100, what is the purpose of signs and wonders from God?

On page 102, Pastor Mark writes, “…the Holy Spirit is aided when we practice discernment and don’t let things which are not of Him take control of a meeting. The presence of mere emotionalism or spurious activity is never helpful to the work of the Spirit. Wise pastoral oversight is a necessary aid to the Holy Spirit’s work.“ Have you ever been involved with a Christian gathering that had a lot of questionable or odd behavior? What do you wish the leaders would have done?


On pages 107 to 109 pastor Mark describes the concept of the “already but not yet”. How does this concept help us clarify some of the frustrations and perplexities of living the Christian life today? How does it give us hope and confidence for tomorrow?