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How Can I Be Sure?

by Foothills Church on July 19, 2020

In the sermon, Pastor Neil exhorted us to “Be certain of the right things and to be certain and expect God to move.” A 3rd point he didn’t include in the sermon is to “be certain that our impossibilities are God’s platform”. In this lesson we’ll dig deeper into that 3rd point to see that God seems to love the impossible situations. God shines when we are between a rock and a hard place. And we’ll see why it couldn’t be any other way.

Unless God exists, being joyful in adversity is just stupid optimism. Being joyful in adversity only makes sense if there is Someone superintending your life- watching over you- guiding events and keeping and protecting you. Read Romans 8:28 That is an amazing statement of fact! However, there’s a catch….

Notice the passage doesn’t say “everything works for your good” and stop there. Instead, what are the two conditions that must be fulfilled before you can claim this promise for yourself (they’re right there in the passage.)?