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Healing America

by Foothills Church on September 08, 2019

In the sermon, Pastor Mark taught and encouraged us to  be “Salt and Light” out of Matthew 5:13-16. Just as salt has preservative and healing properties, Christianity heals and preserves wherever it is faithfully lived out and communicated. Christians have the ability to turn back evil and corruption through faithfully communicating the gospel to a society. And just as physical light overcomes darkness, dispels blindness, and reveals what’s really there- Christians are a spiritual light to a spiritually dark world, if they will allow the truth and love of Jesus to shine through them.

Read Genesis 18:20-33, the account of Abraham and Sodom. It seems that, if God can find enough righteous believers among a sinful nation, he will withhold judgment. Applying this principle to our nation, do you suppose America has enough “salty” Christians?  Why or why not? If not, what can be done?

Re-read the passage from the sermon: Matthew 5:13-16. Jesus spoke of “putting the lamp under a bushel”. How could a person do that? If they wanted to “shine their light” more faithfully what could they do?