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Gods Principle of Multiplication through Subtraction

by Foothills Church on January 12, 2020

In the sermon, Pastor Mark taught on God’s principle of multiplication through subtraction. In this lesson, we’ll dig deeper into the fact that anxiety and fear keep us from trusting long enough to see something through to the multiplication process.


Think about these questions and come to home group prepared to share your answers:


Have you ever quit, given up, or become bitter because you couldn't see what God was doing in a particular situation you were praying about? 


Again and again in the scriptures God says, "Don't worry or be anxious." (Matt 6:24-34; Phil. 4:6) Do you personally have a habit or practice that keeps you from getting fearful and anxious during trying times in life? 


Is there something you are in the middle of that you need to hold steady on? What did you hear in the Sunday's message that is helping you hold on until the waves pass?