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Foundation for Revival

by Foothills Church on June 14, 2020

Pastor Dave taught us Four Truths About Following Jesus. Truth number 1 was: “Biblical truth will always be ridiculed and opposed”. In this lesson we’ll dig deeper into why you “shouldn’t care what the cool kids think”, how Christians today should be unsurprised at conflict, and we’ll explore the encouraging and empowering things Jesus Himself promises to those who will stay faithful to Him in a world that hates them.

Read Jesus’ words in Luke 9:26 then come to home group prepared to answer these questions:

Discuss: if a Christian were ashamed of Jesus or His words- how do you suppose you could tell? What would they do or say that betrays the fact they are ashamed of the Lord or His words?

Discuss: what do you suppose it will look like for the people of whom “the Son of Man is ashamed…”? what do you think they will experience at the judgment?

Discuss: Do you think the times we live in would be described as a sinful and adulterous generation by Jesus? Why or why not?

Discuss: how can a Christian stick up for Jesus or be proud of His sayings in everyday situations?