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Don't Panic - Pray

by Foothills Church on August 16, 2020

Pastor Dave’s sermon was titled: Don’t panic- Pray from Acts 4:23-31. Powerful Jewish leaders threatened the church. Pastor Dave explains the Jerusalem churches response has lessons for us today: 1) they reacted, not with fear and panic but with prayer 2) the whole church prayed in unity and agreement 3) they believed that God was bigger than their situation and 4) they prayed specifically.


In this encouraging lesson we’ll dig deeper into Pastor Dave’s 3rd point: “They believed that God was bigger than their situation.” We’ll explore other situations from more current history to see that God can really come through- often when the situation is dark and despair is in the air. 

But first read John 19:10-11, Daniel 4:17, Daniel 2:21, Jeremiah 27:5 and 1 Chronicles 29:12. Come to home group prepared to share your answer to these questions: Is it possible that wicked, powerful men can defy God and get away with it? Why do you suppose God, who has all the power, allows bad people to gain positions of power?