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Digging Deeper | May 3, 2020

by Foothills Church on May 03, 2020

In the sermon, Pastor Mike van Meter exhorted us to 1) BE still and know that He is God and, 2) Move forward with confidence and an eager expectation that God is going to move. In this lesson we’ll dig deeper into courage and why no one can please God unless they reject cowardice and embrace courage.

Look up Psalm 31:23-24. This passage gives two you facts about how God deals with people, then insists that the godly should take courage from that. What are those facts and why are they a reason to face down your fears and be courageous?

Read John 16:33. Here Jesus himself exhorts us to be courageous because he explains, “I have overcome the world.” Why do you suppose that should lend courage to our souls?