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Authority and Submission

by Foothills Church on March 01, 2020

We are in the 6th and final week of a study of Pastor Mark Hoffman’s new book: SPIRITUAL NAVIGATION; Discerning and Growing in Authentic Spiritual Gifts and Experiences. This week, read chapters 9&10: God’s Extraordinary Times and Looking Ahead. Think about the questions below so you can be prepared to join the discussion at home group:


At the bottom of page 129, Pastor Mark writes: “We can say that all progress in true religion comes as a result of revival.” In the following paragraph he says that societies tend to follow a path of stagnation and decline followed by a sudden great advance due to revival. At what stage on that path do you see your community; your nation?


On page 134, Pastor Mark tells about the Jesus Movement and Charismatic revival from the 1960’s-70’s. Were you involved or do you know anyone who was? What was it like? What did you experience? Share with the group.


On page 139-140, Pastor Mark describes the wonderful fruit of revival but adds a warning. What is that core problem? How can we avoid it? List the “Marks of True Revival” from pages 143-144:


Pastor Mark writes: “As more Christians learn to walk in the Spirit’s power, we will see greater victories. I like to say that the Church’s problem is not a supply problem but an unemployment problem…[But] because of wrong priorities, unbelief, and fear, many believers do not live such Spirit-empowered lives. They are not advancing Christ’s kingdom much.” On page 148 what are the two questions we all must ask ourselves if we are learn to walk in the Spirit’s power? What are the 2 main ways of discovering your unique gifting (page 149)?