Jim Garlow - Well Versed Ministry
    04.30.19 | Local & Global Outreach, Global

    "Making known biblical principles for governance... by small groups or one-on-one meetings with governmental leaders (ambassadors, elected officials, career bureaucrats). The Bible speaks to every governmental and political issue. God's Word has...

      10.29.18 | Serving at Foothills, Prayer

      Prayer is one of the most significant activities of a Christian church, and we need god-fearing men and women to be part of our various prayer ministries. Click below to learn more.

        Home Groups
        10.29.18 | Serving at Foothills, Home Groups

        If you're interested in starting a home group or being an apprentice under an existing Home Group pastor, or even if you'd just like to help out with this ministry however you can, you're in the right place.