How To Build a Successful Church

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about how we are the living stones that make up the church.

Common Ground - July 11, 2019

David Matranga

Making a Resting Place for God

Pastor Marc DuPont talks about making a resting place for the glory of God.

How to Have a Good Marriage

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about how we can have good marriages.

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about God’s plan to lift us out of depression and discouragement.

Common Ground - Jun 20, 2019

Chris Bruner

Father's Day

Pastor Jim Deyling talks about the importance of fathers.

Common Ground - June 13, 2019

Jeremy Miller

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about living with eternity in view.

Common Ground - Jun 6, 2019

David Matranga

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Latest Sermon

God's Mandate for Education

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about the authority that God has given the church when it comes to education.