Confidence In Times of Judgement

Pastor Jim Deyling encourages us to see things through the eyes of faith.

Give Me A King

Drew Miles

Three Secrets to Success

Pastor Neil Hoffman gleans three ways to be successful from one of the most unknown judges in the Old Testament.

The Cost of Discipleship

Pastor Mike Van Meter reminds us what the cost of following Jesus is.

Be Strong In The Lord's Strength

Pastor Mark Hoffman gives us 7 principles that will help us walk in the Lord’s strength.

The Art of Giving

Pastor Marc Dupont encourages us to be gift givers like God who gave us the gift of His Son, Jesus.

Marching To A Different Drummer

Pastor Mark Hoffman outlines three ways we can grow in our sensitivity to God’s Word.

Sober Estimation

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about two areas that we need to have a sober estimate in.

Pain and Suffering As A Christian

David Matranga

Jesus' Invitation

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about the two invitations Jesus gives us: salvation and rest.

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Latest Sermon

Overcoming the Storm

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about standing on the Word of God while the world is shaking.
Church Under Quarantine
Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about how the early church responded to two major plagues that swept through Rome in the second and third centuries.
Following Jesus
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about what it means to follow Jesus.
Playing or Tailgating
Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about how we Christians are like athletes in a greater Super Bowl game.
20/20 Vision
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about how the early church met in both large groups and small groups.
The Woman at the Well
Pastor Mike VanMeter talks about how to approach people about Jesus (using the example of Jesus talking to the woman at the well).

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