Latest Sermon

Missions Weekend 2024

Pastor Mike Van Meter talks about why it’s so important for the church to support missions.
Fulfilling Your Call
Pastor Mark Hoffman uses the examples of 5 men in First Samuel to show us how to fulfill the calling God has for our lives.
Leaving the Lights On
Pastor Mike Van Meter breaks down the Parable of the Prodigal Son into three parts: the scandal, the failure and the return.
The Mission and The Map
Pastors Neil Hoffman and Mike Van Meter talk about the mission field to which God has called us to witness.
Where are the Kids?
Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about the importance of reaching kids with the gospel.
Resist the Devil
Pastor Neil Hoffman gives us five tactics to be able to resist the devil.
My Soul Will Boast
Guest speaker Bishop Michael gives his testimony and talks about giving God all the glory in our lives.

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