Vessels 2021 | Young Adult Retreat Media


2021 Vessels Conference Media

Main Session 1             

Mike Van Meter | "What Kind of Vessel Does God Desire?"

Session 1 AUDIO

Main Session 2           

Chris Brown | Vessels Conference Session 2

Session 2 AUDIO           

Main Session 3           

Mark Hoffman | "Keeping Your Focus in the Rapids"

Session 3 AUDIO


Main Session 4           

David Matranga | "We are Part of a Greater Vessel"

Session 4 AUDIO


Breakout Sessions                  

Jenny Stecklair | "Affording Your Avocado Toast"

Jenny Stecklair's AUDIO

Dr. Julie Hayden | "Getting Your Brain Back"

Dr Julie Hayden's AUDIO

Kevin Miller | "Stepping Into Your Strength"

Kevin Miller's AUDIO