Wish Your Kids Loved Church?


Like, not just tolerated it, but had a great time and actually learned something and made friends and…you get the picture?


Here's Some Good News: Kids LOVE Foothills Church!

See For Yourself:


Your little ones, grade schoolers, Junior Highers, and High Schoolers will have a blast playing games, making friends, and learning about Jesus!



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 Kids Church Service Times:


Saturday 6:30pm | Sunday 9am | Sunday 10:45am


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Your First Visit

Make your way to the Children’s Welcome Center located in the Children’s Building. A member of our team will meet you there and register your kids in our system. This process can take a couple of minutes, so please allow a little bit of extra time when you arrive. On subsequent visits, you’ll simply check-in your child at the kiosks next to the Information Desk in the entrance of the Children’s Center. Our friendly team will be happy to walk you through it.

How Does Check-In Work?

What do I do?

When you check-in your children, you receive their name tag as well as two claim tickets that you use when it’s time to pick them up. As part of the registration and check-in process, we’ll ask for your cell phone number so we can contact you in case you are needed during the service.

Who is watching my kids?

All of our kids' ministry staff and volunteers have undergone background checks and are in good standing with the church. Your children will be supervised at all times until you come and pick them up.

What if there is an emergency?

We will call your cell phone number that you've provided us with first thing to let you know what's going on.



We have classes for infants through 5th grade every Saturday at 6:30pm and every Sunday at 9am and 10:45am. Check-in begins 15 minutes before each class.

Our goal is an environment where babies, toddlers, and parents feel comfortable and secure. Designed for children from birth to two years old, we are staffed with caring moms and other volunteers who are focused on making sure children are cared for, loved, and accepted.

Send an email to for more information.

Preschoolers (2 – 5-year-olds) are getting their very first look at who God is and what his love means to them, so all of our hands-on activities, games, and stories are geared toward helping them experience and connect with the life-changing truths of the Bible.

Send an email to for more information.

Kids’ Church (1st-5th Grade) seeks to give kids a creative and fun teaching of the Bible. Each week our faithful Staff & volunteers will welcome you in to a time of fellowship through songs, games, free play time and the Bible. Through music, object lessons, and Bible lessons, kids will hear God’s story relatable to their own experiences. With years of experience reaching children, it’s a guarantee that your kids will have a blast and leave knowing more about the Word of God.

Send an email to for more information

Miracle Buddy is designed for kids with special needs, so that nobody gets left out. We pair kids with a trained, adult "buddy" who guides and helps them during Sunday School. 

A Miracle Buddy encourages kids to:

  • Do things as independently as possible
  • Participate in worship, crafts, and a Bible lesson with other children
  • Know that they too were made in the image of God and can learn to love and obey Him.

For more information about Miracle Buddy, contact Rebecca Rogers at (619) 442-7728, email or call the church office and leave a message for Rebecca.