Family Life: Dad's Kayaking Adventure

Thursday, May 02, 2024 - Thursday, May 16, 2024

Dads Kayak Trip is coming up! Join us in kayaking down the Colorado River with your son or daughter. Must be at least 8 years old. The dates are May 2-5 and a second trip will be from May 16-19 (Dad's with only 1 kid, ages 8-16 only).

Cost: Single Room - $575.00, Double Room $450.00
*You spot will not be held unless minimum deposit of $100 is paid when registering.



Come and experience some one-on-one time with your kids as well as getting to know some of the dads in the church!

We will start this journey by meeting at the church and heading out around 7am on that Thursday. You are welcome to ride in one of our vans or take a drive with your child and meet us there. The first night will be at the Boulder City Hoover Dam Lodge. Get some rest. The following morning we will leave bright and early to the dock where we will head out for the next two days on the water. We will hike to a few hot springs along the river and camp at the Arizona hot springs. There are port-a-potties on site.

You will be responsible for all your food throughout the trip as well as packing food for your stay out on the river. You will also be responsible for all yours and your son or daughters camping supplies. I have attached the list of recommended items to bring for this trip.

We will finish this journey by staying at another hotel and getting some rest before our long drive home the next morning.

*FYI there limited spots so sign up as soon as you can!

Packing List

  • ID for security checkpoint (Very important - You will NOT be allowed to launch without ID)
  • Extra rope / bungie cords
  • Dry bag (Rentals $5, reserve in advance)
  • Food
  • Water or filtration system (1 gal/person/day)
  • River shoes - NO flip flops
  • Swimsuit, towel
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm
  • Wristwatch to tell time (not a cell phone)
  • Camera
  • MRE Foods (recommend)
  • Cooler with lots of water. (It gets really hot. Recommended a gallon a day per person.)
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Flashlight 






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