Baptism Sunday

Sunday, July 14, 2024, 10:45 AM



Sunday, July 14th | 10:45am | Sanctuary

The baptism occurs during our regular 10:45am service. Show up 1 hour early, 9:45am, for a brief Baptism Class in room A-1 in the Main Sanctuary building (follow the signs). Bring a towel and something modest to be baptized in; we suggest dark shorts and t-shirt.

We practice full-immersion baptism. Each person is placed fully under the water. We discourage baptism for children under 7 because we try to baptize only those who are old enough to have made a conscious, informed decision to follow Christ. However we do hold baby/child dedications- where parents present their child to the Lord in front of the whole congregation and dedicate them to God. If you need more about child dedications- just call our Coordinator, Lisa Jimenez at 619-442-7728

You are ready to be baptized if you have committed your life to Christ, are ready to obey Him in everything, and are ready to take your place as a member of His church.

Finally, the baptism services at Foothills are a celebration. We baptize each one during the worship time at the beginning of service. Immediately after you are baptized, our ministry team would like to pray for you and bless you on this happy day. Your family and friends are encouraged to join them in prayer for you also.

If you can’t make this baptism, we have another baptism service about every 6 weeks.

If you have any questions before the baptism, please call or email Jim Deyling 619-997-9606

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