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What to Expect

Thank you for your interest in helping in the nursery! We need helpers to watch infants and babies up to 2 years old during all church services. This involves holding and playing with the babies, feeding them (if mom or dad provides a bottle), and checking them in and out. There's nothing better than seeing the little ones play and grow! 

All nursery volunteers need to pass a background check before serving. We'll send you all the info you need when you sign up. At present, men are not permitted to serve in the nursery. 


  • Saturday Night Service Nursery (6:30pm-9pm)
  • Sunday Morning Nursery Team 1 (9am-10:30am)
  • Sunday Morning Nursery Team 2 (10:45am- 12:15pm)
  • Everyday Moms (Last Tuesday of the month 9:30am-11:30am)
  • Miscellaneous Events


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Not Sure Where to Serve?

If you've browsed through the opportunities here on the site and still aren't sure, click below to let us know that you'd like to help out wherever there's a need. We'll get in touch with you shortly, and thanks for your willingness to serve!

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Highlighted Ministry: Youth Venture

Youth Venture Teen Centers has been an incredible ministry that we've been blessed to be able to operate for twenty-five years, affecting countless lives for good. As with any large undertaking, we require a lot of volunteers to run it. Consider taking a shift at your local Youth Venture - you don't need to have a credential, be a certain age, or know what kinds of music or games the kids are into (they'll tell you anyway); you just need to be someone who cares, shows up, and loves like Jesus.

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