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Biblical Citizenship Class

Leader: Women's Ministry Admin

When: Sunday 9:00AM

Where: 365 W. Bradley Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020

Childcare: Yes

Description: An 8 week class that is a series of videos featuring people like Kirk Cameron, George Barna, David Barton and Rick Green. Each week, we'll begin with an introduction to the week's class and then take a journey through the Bible & American history to rediscover the secret sauce that produces a prosperous society when Biblical principles are applied. We will visit experts across the Nation, visit the amazing library of David Barton where we'll find the world's largest private collection of America's Founding Era documents, and then we'll dive into the U.S. Constitution in the very room where it was framed. As you learn the material in this course, we can all work together to become Biblical citizens in modern America!

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