Beth Brink

    04.21.20 | Stories

    In October 2017 I left the mission field in Cape Town, South Africa to come back to the US and take care of my mother. At that point, we applied for green cards for my husband and stepson. Two and a half years later, we are still waiting to receive them. The latest hiccup we ran into was that my 14-year-old stepson's mom refused to sign the necessary affidavit to allow him to relocate here. I asked people to pray that God would bend her will and release him, and many friends and family were praying with us.

    Just a few days ago, Dave Hoffman called me to ask about my prayer needs. As I repeated this same request, Dave said he would pray that the mom would call my husband and set a time to sign the paperwork. She did call him, and she signed the affidavit the next day. Within 2 weeks they should have their passports. What have I learned? It isn't always how often you pray, but that you pray in alignment with God's will.