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Audrey Ross

Finance Manager

Office: (619) 442-7728

My Story

I grew up always going to church, but my family and I experienced a radical shift when we started attending Foothills. I was going into 6th grade and was at a pivotal age in life, so God had a perfect occasion to reach out to me and change the course of my future. I am so grateful that He did.

From that point on, I began to amass new friends and mentors that were willing to encourage me and be there for me when life wasn’t easy. And I began to understand what it meant to love and be loved by a great God. In my adult life I was afforded opportunities to give back and volunteer my time and talents at the church and pour into others just as people had done for me.

My Foothills journey has been richly blessed with things such as lifelong friendships, fantastic roommates, a loving husband, and even an incredible employment opportunity. I cherish the day that my family was invited to attend here, and look forward to growing my own family here in the future.